Welcome Neighbors to Gale’s Manor

Gale’s Manor residents came together for Happy Hour on June 16 to beautify and maintain the entryway. Here Bill, Dustin, Russell, Violet and Jamie spread mulch. During the one hour project others trimmed the bushes, repaired the fence and picked up trash.  LOGIN to SEE MORE PHOTOS

This web page is provided by the Gale’s Manor Homeowners Association to serve the residents of Penny Lane, Perryville, MD.

The purpose of the Gale’s Manor HOA, as written in the Articles of Incorporation, are to:

In furtherance of these goals every resident on Penny Lane is a member of the Gale’s Manor HOA, while each Lot is allowed one vote. We encourage each household to be an active member of the HOA, attend meetings, hold office and communicate with your Board of Directors. Above all, be neighborly.

Soil Information for Gale’s Manor area.

The following are PDF downloads:

The following are JPEG image downloads:

All of the above all at once, ZIP folder:

For realtors and prospective homeowners

Lot purchases on Penny Lane are subject to the rules of the Maryland Homeowners Association, which requires sellers to disclose to buyers that Gale’s Manor has a HOA. Homeowners on Penny Lane are members of the Gale’s Manor HOA, pay annual dues to the association, and are subject to certain by-laws, restrictions and covenants with regards to architectural improvements and other agreements.

For more info contact Craig at 970-405-2160

Historic maps of Perryville / Gale’s Manor.

The following are JPEG image downloads:

See also the Cecil County soil maps of 1927

Proposed Warehouse Development

These downloads show the proposed warehouse at the PV Outlet Centers. The developers drawings have been carefully overlaid on area maps to show the placement, including the tall retainer wall of the proposed warehouse, in relationship with the nearby residences.

If you hear of any new use proposals or actions by the Town of Perryville, please contact a member of the Board immediately.

For scale, the END wall of the warehouse, at 350’ is longer than the length of a football field.